This family is represented in politics, business, and entertainment. The family is allegedly affluent and powerful. They live in Asia and Europe

1. The Windsor Family

The Windsors became the royal dynasty of many separate countries as Dominions became republics and Crown colonies became kingdoms, republics, or monarchies

2. House Of Saud

Saudi royal family is House of Saud. After them, the country was called Saudi Arabia. There are 15,000 members, and 2,000 control most of the resources and power. The oil exploration in Saudi Arabia 75 years ago transformed the economy and made the House of Saud the world's richest family

3. The Bush Family

The Bush family has vanished since Jeb's 2016 loss, but they still influence American politics. They're called "America's most successful political dynasty."

4. Rothschild Family

The influential Rothschild family gives financial advice in 40 countries. Mayer Amschel Rothschild has ruled the world with great power since the 18th century

5. The Waltons Family

The Waltons are the world's richest family based on their estimated $200 billion in combined wealth. Jim and Rob Walton are 16th and 17th on Forbes' billionaire list. Alice Walton will be the world's richest woman in 2022

6. Koch Family

Koch Industries is the second-largest private corporation in America. They may use their wealth to influence politics. Koch is one of the families that rule the world due to their political influence and massive business empire

7. The Morgan Family

The Morgan family rose to popularity in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a banking and commercial empire. John Pierpont Morgan helped his family to become wealthy

8. The Al-Thani Family

Qatar is industrialised but has a tribal culture. It becomes evident when the 88% ex-pat population and power structure are ignored. The Al-Thani family dominates Qatar

9. The Pritzker Family

Pritzkers are among America's richest families. Since magazines started compiling "World's Richest Families," they've stayed near the top. Their wealth grew in the 20th century, thanks to the Hyatt Hotel Corporation

10. Soros

Soros is renowned as "the guy who ruined the Bank of England" for his hedge fund, Soros fund management. He shorted the UK pound in 1992, which helped the Fund reach $1 billion in a day and solidified Soros' financial status

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