A team of shark experts saw a 50-foot-long "Megalodon" on sonar off New England's coast

Atlantic Shark Institute researchers assumed the extinct "Meg" weighed 40 tonnes

The shark experts tracked the gigantic figure for several minutes until it began to shape morph as it reached the ship

The large school of fish circled the boat for around 15 minutes

The Megalodon, the largest shark ever, was 50 feet long and weighed up to 70 tonnes dominated the ocean millions of years ago

According to studies, Megalodons are prehistoric fish believed to have been large enough to consume a whale

Megalodon's 11-foot mouth had 276 teeth. Megalodons dropped a set of teeth every two weeks, or 40,000 teeth in their lifetime

Megalodon teeth are often found, but a jaw has never been found. All megalodon jaws likely dissolved in saltwater

According to a study conducted by the University of Bristol, the teeth can be larger than a human hand

A North Carolina fossil hunter had discovered megalodon teeth last month. They were 5.5 and 6 inches long. The Florida Museum of Natural History says Megalodon teeth can be 7 inches long, but typical fossils are 3 to 5 inches long

The largest megalodon tooth found was 7.5 inches long and found in Peru. 1% of fossilised megalodon teeth are over more than 6 inches long

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