A shark attacked and killed a Royal Caribbean cruise ship guest who was snorkelling in waters near the Bahamas on Tuesday

The unidentified 58-year-old woman and her family were snorkelling at Green Cay when she was attacked by the creature

The attack occurred at approximately 2:00 p.m. at Green Cay, in the northern Bahamas, close to Rose Island

The family of the woman identified it as a Bull Shark

Royal Caribbean International stated in a statement to the Associated Press that the person died after arriving at a local hospital for treatment

The woman was a cruise ship passenger. It left Florida on September 4 for a 7-night journey

Florida Museum reports only 33 unprovoked shark attacks in the Bahamas since 1580. Last attack was seen in 2018

In August, a British kid was attacked by three sharks in the Bahamas. The boy, Finley Downer, swam with nurse sharks while they were fed. His legs were cut during the attack

Bull sharks are one of the "big three" most dangerous sharks, along with the great white and tiger shark. These creatures are huge and dangerous. Their teeth tear victims

Scientists believe bull sharks only approach humans out of curiosity. Attacks occur when they feel threatened. If they mistake a human for prey, unprovoked attacks may occur

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