Sean Hannity has threatened to sue Democratic candidate John Fetterman

Right-wing broadcaster Sean Hannity threatened to sue Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman during a rambling rant on Tuesday night because Fetterman had declined to participate in his Fox News program. Hannity also claimed that Fetterman was using him as a pawn in his campaign fundraising.

The Pennsylvania Senate contest between Fetterman and media darling Dr. Mehmet Oz is being followed very intently.

Hannity stated, “As of right now, the Fetterman campaign is failing to debate Dr. Oz, also denying my invitation to speak on this program as he and his campaign have been lying about me, making money off of my name.”

According to Mediaite, during Monday night’s episode, Hannity displayed what he claimed to be a fundraising letter from Fetterman’s campaign, in which the host of Fox News was accused of disseminating false information about the Democratic rival by the letter’s author, Oz.

yet another fundraising text, attacking me, lying about me, calling me a liar,” Hannity said of Fetterman’s message to supporters on Tuesday.

Hannity responded by increasing the stakes.

Hannity threatened, “He may be hearing from my lawyers very shortly.” Hopefully, his parents can afford to cover his legal fees.

Hannity pointed out that Fetterman is the son of a wealthy Pennsylvania insurance executive, but he used an edited video of the 53-year-old Democrat stammering during a recent speech to argue on Monday that the state’s lieutenant governor is “unfit” to represent the Keystone State because of his recent stroke.

Prime time cable’s longest-running host claimed, “we don’t lie on this programme,” while criticizing the “losing campaign” of the liberal contender for using Hannity’s name in vain.

One survey from last month by Fox News, cited by Real Clear Politics, shows the Democrat to be ahead by double digits over the TV doctor backed by Hannity.

It is commonly known that Hannity is quite involved in Republican politics.

According to CNN’s reporting during the 2018 elections, he was listed as a “special guest” at a Trump-led Republican rally in Missouri. After saying he wouldn’t, Hannity did, in fact, stand on stage with Trump while campaigning. Then he said it “was not planned” to make the public appearance after all.

The 60-year-old commentator got himself in trouble again after the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6 when he speculated on the radio that “groups like Antifa” were behind the attempted coup in response to Trump’s electoral loss.

The Select Committee to Investigate the January 6, 2017 Attack on the United States Capitol has discovered text messages in which Hannity tells Trump’s chief of staff, “I do NOT see January 6 happening the way he is being told.” This was one week before the tragic rebellion. Later that day, the day of the attack, he contacted Trump again, this time asking if the president could “make a statement” telling his supporters to evacuate the Capitol.

Even when Hannity threatened to sue him and asked him to name specific lies, Fetterman has not responded.

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