Here are the shoulder-grazing hairstyles with layers and mid-length cuts. Girls believe face-framing is trendy nowadays. Layers or bangs might be used

Brunette Hair Colors

In recent days, models and celebrities have favoured medium chocolate hues over blonde balayage. This is probably because people desire darker clothes in the winter, but we can see this trend lasting until 2022

Effortless Braids

The laid-back look will continue till 2023. We're seeing this casual, chaotic look more as more people forsake hot tools and embrace their natural hair. These braids are put-together-meets-messy without being messy

Wispy Bangs

The past year has been all about bangs. We saw harsh fringe and curtain bangs, which dominated social media. 2022 will still have fringe, but with a different spin

Textured ’90s Layers

Textured layers are a popular hairstyle that doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon. These moveable layers look fantastic with short or long hair. This is a simple hairdo that will be popular in 2022

Blunt Bob

Remember those slick styles? Finally! Many users on social media are sacrificing their long locks for a French-inspired bob. No one's fault! This outfit is timeless

Blunt Lobs

You don't want a bob? Instead, lob. This modern spin on the trustee blunt bob is becoming a classic. This is a terrific option for those wanting shorter hair in the new year but not a bob

Long Layered Haircut

Layers may radically modify an appearance. This is a common hairstyle for long strands. It helps add movement and adds structure in your haircut. Long layers can add interest to a long hairstyle

Textured Bob

Summer's shag style is still fashionable throughout autumn and winter. Shaggy hairstyles will remain in 2022. It’s exciting to see the texture paired with the short bobs

Long Bangs

Curtain bangs were 2021's hottest fringe. We're seeing this look in 2022 with longer fringe. This is an excellent style for beginners since you can keep them out of updos and tuck them behind your ear

Embracing Naturally Curly Hair

Along with the casual appearance, many people are embracing their natural curls. We envision this trend lasting through 2022, whether you have wavy, curly, or natural hair

Textured Fringe

Long gone are the days of perfectly straight and groomed bangs. Bangs have been following the trend of revealing natural texture. People used to straighten their bangs even if they wore curly hair. People are letting their bangs curl, and we love it!

Long Straight Strands

Long, sleek straight strands are making a comeback, and we expect to see them more in 2023


Tendrils are a staple in updos, from face-framing braids to curls. This look is flattering with many updos

Chunky Highlights

Big highlights are wonderful. You probably thought of early to mid-2000s blonde and brunette styles. This chunky highlights style has less contrast, but still provides dimension

Face-Framing Layers

We bet this isn't a surprise. Similar to long bangs, frame-framing layers are keeping around in 2022. This design can be worn with numerous layers or just two pieces that frame the face

Voluminous Curls

Do you wanna Curly hair? Create volume by curling your hair. Thin curling irons popularised this look on TikTok

Red Hair Colors

Mix auburn with copper for a warm hair colour. This year, numerous celebrities have adopted the trend

The Big Chop

This winter, we should cut our hair. Short hair is adaptable, intriguing, and can require less styling depending on its structure

 Bombshell Bangs

Long bangs frame your face and draw focus to your eyes. Keep the layers long to brush your new bangs to the side

Flipped Layers

This layered appearance merges '70s and early 2000s trends. A blowout offers this look a modern twist instead of a hard flip like in the past

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