After the Queen’s death, the throne, crown and some surprising power will be passed to her heir former Prince King Charles III that he will enjoy

Role in Parliament

The king has a symbolic role in government. House of Commons, House of Lords, and Queen make comprise the UK's highest legislative body

Appointing a Government

The day after a general election, the monarch invites the leader of the winning party to form a government

Queen's / King's Speech

The Crown briefs Parliament of government policy ideas and new legislation in a throne speech in the House of Lords. Although the Queen or King gives the speech, the administration writes it

Royal Assent

When a Bill passes the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the Crown approves it. This is Royal Assent. This makes a Bill an Act of Parliament, making it UK law

Role in the Commonwealth realms

The new monarch will also head the British-founded Commonwealth of Nations. 2.4 billion people live in 56 nations. In the Commonwealth Realms, the King will be Head of State for 14 countries

No Needs Driving a License

Only the King of England can lawfully drive without a licence in the UK. No licence or number plate needed

Doesn’t need a passport to travel

The King doesn't require a passport. Because all U.K. passports have King or Queen's name on it. This privilege goes with his because issuing his own passport is too evident

Two Birthdays

King has two birthdays annually. Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her birthday privately on April 21 and publicly on the second Tuesday in June. Charles' birthday is November 14, therefore he may also celebrate in the warmer month


The king or Queen is not being obligated to pay tax. But in 1992 Queen Elizabeth began willingly paying her share of taxes

Private Cash Machine

The Coutts secret cash machine located in Buckingham Palace's basement For the Monarch. Other royals can enjoy this perk too

No Voting

As head of state, the British monarch must maintain complete political neutrality. He or she is not eligible for election

Owns a lot of British Wildlife

Since the 12th century, England and Wales have owned unmarked mute swans. Sturgeon, dolphins, and whales also are protected in British waters

Own Poet

Britain appoints a poet laureate every 10 years to write for the monarch. Simon Armitage is the current poet laureate

King or Queen of Australia

The current head of state of Australia is King Charles III, and the Governor-General performs the duties of the head of state

Never be Arrested

The British monarch is protected from prosecution, making royal arrest difficult. All royals are exempt from Freedom of Information requests

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