Princess Elizabeth's coronation was a surprise. Her father was King George V's second son, hence she was considered a minor royal. Her uncle's surprise abdication made her the UK's longest-serving monarch. Without brothers, Elizabeth was destined to become queen


Elizabeth wasn't born in a palace or castle like other royal babies. Lilibet was her nickname, and she was born in a Mayfair home. Her parents became king and queen 10 years after her birth


Elizabeth and Margaret called King George V "Grandpa England."  She First appeared with grandparents on Buckingham Palace balcony. Even as a child, she waved to the people


Elizabeth's dad became king when his brother wed an American divorcee. It means she was home-schooled and taught constitutional history. She didn't have many friends her age, so a Girl Guides company was founded at the palace.


Elizabeth's first public speech was to Commonwealth children during World War II. Elizabeth and Margaret intended to contact war-displaced youngsters


Elizabeth Windsor joined the Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service during the war. She was a military truck driver. During her service, she was called No 230873


After the war, Elizabeth married Lt. Philip Mountbatten. Like every other bride in Britain at the time, the princess had to gather clothes ration coupons. Her wedding was televised to 200 million people worldwide


Prince Charles was born in 1948. Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward were their other children. 8 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren joined their family


Elizabeth became queen after her father's death in 1952. A year later, she was crowned in Westminster Abbey and gave a speech to the Commonwealth

She said, "Throughout all my life and with all my heart I shall strive to be worthy of your trust,"


This is year of the end of our beloved and respected Queen's reign and her life 

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