Local and federal officials have been investigating Mississippi welfare fraud for over two years

Brett Favre is becoming the epicenter of the investigation

Ken Dilanian and Laura Strickler revealed that Mississippi paid Favre $1.1 million from federal assistance funds in the poorest state for motivational lectures which he never gave

The state of Mississippi requested the money back from Favre. He payed the fees but not the $228,000 in interest the state auditor demanded

Favre's attorney, Bud Holmes, says he did nothing wrong and was unaware that his speaking fees came from federal welfare funds

In a series of tweets in October of last year, Favre attempted to argue this point

Mississippi found text conversations between Favre and former governor Phil Bryant in April. Bryant wanted to get more money for Favre's pharmaceutical endeavor

Shad White, the state auditor mentioned by Favre in his tweets, was appointed by Bryant and served as Bryant's campaign manager

Nancy New and John Davis, former director of the Mississippi Department of Human Services, were arrested

Favre wanted a $5 million grant for a volleyball facility at USM, where he and his daughter played football and volleyball respectively

Favre has claimed his innocence, but no one should want to be involved in what may be the largest public corruption case in Mississippi history

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