Each person has their own definition of good and bad luck. Because marriage is so important, some people have weird traditions. Even the most unorthodox couples today participate in wedding traditions, such as the bride tossing her bouquet and breaking the plates

The Blackening Ritual Of Scotland

Family and friends shower the newlyweds with disgusting stuff before tying them to a tree. The bride and groom want to show they're ready for life's challenges

Killing A Baby Chick To Set A Wedding Date In China

Daur culture and customs are well-known. The soon-to-weds must kill a live baby chick with a knife and check its liver. If the liver is healthy, they can set a wedding date; otherwise, they must keep murdering

The Kissing Party In Sweden

After the wedding, Sweden has an uncommon ritual. If the groom leaves the room during the wedding, all the men kiss the bride, and if the bride visits the washroom, all the women kiss the groom

Beating The Groom With Dead Fish

Before the first night of marriage, some South Koreans beat the groom's feet with dead fish and bamboo sticks. For South Koreans, this tradition is an integral element of the wedding ceremony

No Smiling On The Wedding Day In Congo

Congolese newlyweds must control their excitement. From the ceremony until the reception, they can't smile. If they do, it means they're not committed to marriage

You’ll Have To Marry A Tree First

Some Indians believe girls born during certain astrological seasons are cursed. The curse will kill their husbands early. To break the curse, they must marry a tree first. Cutting down the tree breaks the spell

Drink That Toilet Till It’s Empty

According to an old French custom, newlyweds are supposed to finish off their bottle of wine by drinking it out of a porcelain toilet bowl

Spitting On The Bride

Massai weddings involve shaving the bride's head and applying lamb fat and oil. The father of the bride spits on the bride's head and breasts. Spitting is a mark of humiliation, however in Massai it brings good luck

Smash The Plates

At German weddings, guests shatter porcelain for the bride and groom. Destroying porcelain drives away evil. The bride and groom must clean up the mess to show that married life isn't easy, but they can overcome any obstacle together

Money Dance

In some cultures, the money dance is performed during wedding receptions. It began in 1990s Poland. Guests pay to dance with the bride or groom during a money dance

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